DONE Proof-read the auto-tuning paper

DONE Talk to Cosmin about the pseudo-code

DONE Find out which revisions of Futhark we should run auto-tuning benchmarks on

The merge commit of the binary search tuner is 1d0bb47517cce1c9cbee58f138647d9ab2e49193 and its master-branch parent is 217a17308f91b4725d2ee0ef6ea6e0d40520ad35.

However, we need also compare with the size-invariant tuner and the previous opentuner performance. I guess 217a17 is the size-invariant tuner, but how do we compare with the opentuner?

The old opentuner-based autotuner is available here: https://github.com/diku-dk/futhark/blob/737763b148201774a659adb52ddbd53f3ac02e96/tools/futhark-autotune