Compiling from futhark dev

In order to really test my sexps, it would be nice to be able to compile the result of futhark dev. Let's see if we can add some --compile-opencl and --compile-c options.

That turned out to be fairly easy. Before I move on though, it would be nice to address some of Troels' comments. Instead of having --sexp-in and --sexp-out, let's make reading based on the filename. If it ends with .fut, then we assume it's a futhark file, otherwise assume an sexp. Second, instead of having --compile-opencl take an output file name, instead lets just reuse the input file name, like futhark opencl does. Hurrah! It works. And here is --compile-c.

Now, it would be nice to figure out how to instrument futhark test to first write the program to an sexp, then read it back in and compile it, and then perform the test. Perhaps I can create a small script for the --futhark flag to futhark test?

No, instead I've embedded a test in the sexpAction to make sure the program being converted is being converted correctly.

It fails when running

cabal exec futhark -- dev --kernels -a -e --cse --sexp futhark-benchmarks/rodinia/lud/lud.fut

Probably because of the SrcLoc in Assert in BasicOp.