Why am I trying to do interference and graph coloring?

The linear scan algorithm cannot assumes that all variables have a single live interval. According to Cosmin, we want something which is re-entrant. But that would also mean that we should be able to handle cases where the code is moved around after our initial pass, for instance creating an opportunity to merge a memory block with another memory block, where the former is entirely contained within two uses of the latter. The linear scan algorithm does not handle such cases. Or rather, an implementation of linear scan for my problem which mainly concerns itself with memory blocks, cannot handle such cases. We'd need to only concern ourselves with arrays. But arrays in the explicit memory IR are pretty much single-use

Working on LastUse

I wanted to improve the handling of aliasing in my LastUse analysis. Unfortunately, I now see that the consumed things are not connected to the thing that consumes them. It is probably unknowable. I think instead I disregard consumes, and just look at the memory blocks instead.

However, I can improve the handling of aliases. One way to do so is to use an inverse last-use map in the LastUse analysis, and then revert it after the map has been produced. Then, each time I come upon a pattern that aliases another operation, I can insert the aliased name at the correct last use point.